Daphne Installation
Manoogian Gallery
University Liggett Schools
1045 Cook Rd.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI48236
October 13 –November 10, 2016

In creating stitched drawings I am aware that I am creating two drawings simultaneously.  The drawing on the front is the intentional line.  The drawing on the back is the unintentional line that I cannot see as I work unless I turn the paper over.  It creates a conundrum:  what side/drawing do I want to show and how to display it?  The solo show at University Liggett Schools afforded me the opportunity to create the Daphne Installation: 37 two-sided drawings, each 5.25 in h x 3.375 in w, suspended to show both sides.  It combines references to women and the natural world and our human attempts to control one and/or the other.

Daphne Series
37 two-sided stitched drawings
thread, paper, collaged image
each drawing measures 5.25 in h x 3.375 in w